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Why your iPad won’t charge!

Are you wondering why your iPad won’t charge?

Are you wondering why your iPad won’t charge or has stopped charging altogether?? Here are a few reasons as to why this may be, and what you can do to fix the problem!

Double check that there IS power actually going to the device

Sometimes the reason an iPad is having charging problems, could be as simple as a distorted cable, an uncertified third-party charger being used, even due to dirt being trapped in the iPad preventing the charger from working properly.

So due to these reasons, we would always say it is best to use ONLY Apple-certified Accessories. It goes without saying that buying an inferior brand isn’t going to do the job half as good and may even cause more problems in the long run.

Make sure that your iPad is correctly plugged into the right power source, any lose connections can cause the iPad to lose power instantly. Check the wires too for any breakages. You’ll know if your battery is completely drained as you will see a completely blacked out screen even when you first plug your device into the power source. It can take up to 10 minutes for your iPad to indicate that it’s being charged.

Make sure that your charger is specifically made for the iPad and not the iPhone

Contrary to popular belief, this does matter! There may be a difference in the output of an iPhone charger than an iPad charger. More often than not an iPad has a lower amp of 5 watts, where as an iPhone usually has an output of 10 watts – this can cause major problems when charging. So we would recommend always buying and using the correct charger to begin with.

Occasionally you may get an alert that says “not certified”. So what does this mean and how can it be resolved?

Try cleaning the connector at the bottom of the device. This can be cleaned using either a toothpick (gently) or a specially designed USB cleaner (which you can purchase). Once it is cleaned, try connecting the USB cable again!

If the problem still persists, try using a different USB cable and/or charger (Specifically designed for the iPad – as discussed before, using an iPhone charger isn’t recommended)

And if all the above fails, it may be the case that something more serious is wrong with the iPad and may be worth getting it looked at by a qualified engineer.

These guidelines have been developed through our years of experience in this field.  We are confident that after following these guidelines you will make an educated decision about your iPad repair.

Many thanks

The Tech Master Team