Do you find that your tablet just won’t connect to Wi-Fi no matter how hard you try? Have you tried all sorts of things to try and diagnose and troubleshoot the problem, but are still having no luck?

Here are some ways to determine if it is your tablet’s wi-fi that’s causing your device problems;

  • Your tablet’s wi-fi is often showing “not in range”.
  • You scan for a network but nothing is being displayed? and there’s no option to connect to it either. This is often due to a hardware problem or a damaged antenna. Again something we can easily fix!
  • You can connect to a network but the network constantly disappears? This is often a problem with the wireless network itself and not necessarily your tablet. We are able to diagnose where the problem is and then determine whether it’s your tablet that’s faulty or the actual wireless network.
  • Your tablet seems to connects to some wireless networks but not others?
  • Your tablet only connects to other networks but never your own network? Again, this could be due to your wireless network and not necessarily your tablet.

Wi-fi issues are a common occurrence with tablets. Thankfully our technicians can determine any of the issues above and more, in their high-tech labs, and normally fix the issue and have your tablet back to you in no time at all.

We at Tech Master Cardiff are able to diagnose and action repairs on all kinds of tablets, pinpointing exactly where the problem lies with the Wi-Fi issues on your Tablet.
We can work with all makes and models of tablets that include Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba and many more!

Call us today, for a free no obligation quote and we’ll be able to sort out any wireless issues your tablet might have.