Are you having problems with the speaker or mic on your tablet? Are you finding it difficult to hear sound on your tablet? If you are playing songs or listening to programmes on your tablet and the sound is intermittent it could be the speakers that are at fault. This could be due to a number of issues, most commonly; either a faulty wire within the tablet, or a broken board or some other internal issue that’s affecting the sound board.


At Tech Master Cardiff we will be able to resolve any problems you may be experiencing with your tablet’s speakers or microphones. It can sometimes be just a case of some fluff or dust caught up in the microphone, in which case this can be resolved easily, or even a small fault in the wire internally. However, any issue you may have can be resolved in our lab quickly and efficiently. Our technicians have a thorough process of isolating these issues for a quick and effective repair.

Our technicians have a thorough process to diagnose and isolate these issues for a quick and effective repair.
We offer both a walk-in and mail in repair service and Tech Master can work with all makes and models of tablets that include iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony and more!

The most obvious way to tell if you have a Speaker problem or a Microphone problem…

  • You could be experiencing poor sound? This could be due to a hardware problem within the speaker. We can resolve this easily for you! However, if the sound you are hearing from your tablet is fading in and out, then it might be something a little more complex, in which case we’d need to investigate further in order to diagnose the problem.

So why not call us today for a free, no obligation quote! and we’ll get your tablet fixed in no time.