Are you finding that your smartphone just won’t connect to the Wi-Fi no matter what you do? You’ve tried trouble-shooting but still no luck?

Here are a few reasons as to why your smartphone’s wi-fi may not be working correctly;

  • It may be due to an upgrade or a software update, usually a software conflict with the phone. This issue can normally be sorted out easily.
  • You phone is constantly saying it’s “not in range”. This can be an extremely frustrating situation, especially when you are even close to the router.
  • When you scan for a network but it’s not being displayed? There is simply no option to connect to it. Sometimes this can be due to a hardware problem or a damaged or malfunctioning antenna. Again something that can be easily fixed.
  • You are able to connect to a network but the network keeps disappearing? This could actually be a problem with the wireless network itself and not your smartphone, but we can certainly diagnose where the problem lies and determine whether it’s your phone that’s at fault or the wireless network.
  • Your phone connects to some wireless networks but not others?
  • Or it could be the case that your phone only connects to other networks but not your own? Again, this could be due to the wireless network and not your phone. Something our technicians will be able to determine in their lab.

Wi-Fi issues are a common occurrence with smartphones.

Luckily there are number of ways of resolving these issues, and depending on whether it’s the smartphone that’s at fault, Tech Master Cardiff are able to diagnose and repair all kinds of Wi-Fi issues on your smartphone. We work with all makes and models of mobile phones, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and many more!

Call us today, for a free no obligation quote and we’ll be able to sort out any wireless issues your smartphone might have.