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Smartphones Charging Issues

Cardiff Smartphone Charger Repair

Is your charging cable not charging your smartphone as it should? In some cases, it could be the charging port on your phone that is causing the issue.

Charging ports can be damaged really easily and are a common fault complaint when it comes to smartphones. With the constant connecting and removal of the cable, wear and tear is inevitable and will often move, bend or damage the internal components.

However, if you’ve found that your smartphone has stopped charging efficiently, there are a few things you can do yourself to troubleshoot the problem;

Smartphones Charging Issues - Tech Master Solutions

Using a can of compressed air is a handy way to clean the charging port. Sometimes dirt and dust can enter and block the connection. This method can work in some cases but not all, if the port needs a deeper clean, we are able to provide this service for you, without damaging any delicate parts of the charging port.
Another method of cleaning is to remove the battery of your smartphone and using a very small amount of alcohol and a cotton bud, you may be able to gently clean the inside of the port. However, be careful not to add too much or you may damage the port.
Try using a different charger? Just because a charger fits, doesn’t mean it is the right charger for your phone and often times can even damage your phone over time. We can provide you with the correct charger for your smartphone.
Another effective method is to slightly raise the tension clips with a sewing needle, as they can often become depressed too far.

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Of course, these methods if not performed correctly can damage your phone even further, So if you wish for us to carry out these delicate adjustments and cleaning without damaging your phone further, just give us a call.

It may be more technical than just cleaning, in which case we can then diagnose and repair the fault for you in no time at all.