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Smartphones Battery Replacement

Cardiff Smartphone Battery Repair

We Fix Smartphones Battery Related Issues

Are you finding that your smartphone’s battery is overheating quite often, or maybe has an extremely low battery life compared to what it used to, is your smartphone not charging properly or maybe the battery keeps cutting out?

These and many more problems that you might be experiencing with you smartphone battery are not a problem for us at Tech Master.

Smartphones battery replacement - Tech Master Solutions Cardiff

We stock a range of replacement batteries, both new and tested to the highest standards for all makes and models of smartphone, and we can work with or replace all branded mobile phone batteries including; iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, and many more!

Even if you are not sure if your smartphone’s battery needs looking at or the battery needs replacing, give us a call and we will be able to take a look at and diagnose your smartphone’s fault within minutes.
Whether your smartphone is new or old, we stock a whole range of batteries for your smartphone, ready to be fitted by us so you can rest assured that the right battery is being fitted to your smartphone.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Qualified, Professional Technicians

Free Diagnosis

Fast Turnaround

Up to 6 month Warranty

Even for certain smartphones that need a lot of power, we stock a whole range of power banks and extended run time batteries that are suitable for these types of smartphones. These high powered batteries will be able to keep your smartphone’s battery powered for days on end, and are suitable for smartphones, tablets and pretty much anything that’s powered or charged by a USB.

And that’s not all; we also stock a range of other accessories available to charge your devices with, for Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPods’ and Micro USB cables specifically for your Android device.

So if your smartphone’s battery is faulty or in need of a replacement, give us a call today, for a free, no obligation quote!