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Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screen replacement - Tech Master Solutions Cardiff

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Broken laptop screen? Does your Laptop have a cracked LCD?

Screen is flickering or has vertical or horizontal lines?

We at Tech Master are specialists in Laptop Screen Replacement.

Some of the most common symptoms of a faulty screen are:

  • Noticing some black splotches or blotches on the screen
  • A black or blank screen
  • Diagonal, jagged, horizontal or vertical lines across your screen
  • A discoloured area within the screen
  • A lighter area or some white spots that are visible on the screen
  • Bright or dead pixels on the screen
  • White screen

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Qualified, Professional Technicians

Free Diagnosis

Fast Turnaround

Up to 6 month Warranty

We can diagnose, replace and fix any faulty laptop screen and provide quality replacement parts.

We cover all laptops such as; Acer, Apple, Alienware, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and many more.

There are several reasons to why you would need a new laptop screen , some purely cosmetic like cracks, but sometimes a back light may be faulty that requires a repair which can also be resolved with ourselves.

We understand that it can be very frustrating using a cracked screen and can affect your work.

Our stock ranges from all sizes and resolutions and are readily available to fit from 11 – 17 inch screens.

We take pride in the quality of the laptop screens that we stock, we order highest quality with competitive prices and fast turn-around times.

Call us today, for a free, no obligation quote.