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Laptop Overheating Repair

Cardiff Laptop Repair Centre

We Fix Laptop Overheating Related Issues

Have you noticed your laptop constantly overheating?

It might seem like a minor problem, but if you’ve also been experiencing other problems with your laptop, this could be the cause!

Overheating can cause hardware failures and can even permanently damage your laptop over time.

It can cause your PC or laptop to constantly crash and often times when the motherboard has been damaged or is in need or repair.

So how do you know if your laptop is overheating? Well, the most obvious symptom, is when you notice the laptops fan going at its maximum speed.

It may make a mechanical sound and you may also be able to detect heat radiating from underneath? This is due to the hot air that is supposed to run through the fans and away from the laptop itself, no longer able to escape and instead, it gets overheated.

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We at Tech Master can fix this problem for you before it’s too late and your laptop becomes permanently damaged.

It will also prevent your laptop from randomly shutting down and causing you to lose unsaved work, which is most people’s worst computer nightmare.

We will strip and clean your laptop for you, cleaning the heatsink and fan and then we can replace any necessary parts, to ensure the laptop is able to cool itself down in future and prevent any possible damage.

Our experienced technicians have state of the art equipment to get your computer back to normal and apply a high quality non-metallic thermal compound on your processor to ensure it stays working for longer.

For most laptops, this can be done the same day. Whether your cooling assembly requires just a clean or a new thermal compound we can get this done for you.

Remember: this service also comes with a 3 month warranty.

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