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iPhone Charging Port Repair Cardiff

Why iPhone charging port is not working

iPhone charging issues can be caused by a damaged charging port or the battery itself.

Charging ports on your iPhone could be damaged due to wear and tear or your cable breaking inside.

Other iPhone charging issues include faults with the wall adapter. This particular fault can be caused if you are not using the right adapter or a low quality one.

Here are some more common reasons for an iPhone device failing to charge:

Your phone’s charging issues could be the result of a faulty accessory. The cable might have a loose wire, the adapter could have malfunctioned, or the socket could be failing to transmit current properly.

It could be that the battery is the problem? Check its general condition, if it’s warped or misshapen, a battery fault could be the reason.

Your iPhone device is probably exposed to debris on a daily basis. The charging port is one of the most vulnerable elements on your phone.

Dust particles can quickly accumulate and hinder your phone’s connection to a power source. When your phone lives in your pocket, it’s bound to pick up a little dust and lint, and every time you plug in your cable, you pack that lint in more.

Using a can of compressed air, this is an easy way to clean dirt and fluff from the charging port, but not in all cases! We can provide this cleaning service for you, FREE OF CHARGE!

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Another method of cleaning is to use a very small amount of isopropanol alcohol and a cotton bud or a toothpick to gently clean the inside of the charging port. But be very careful not to damage the port itself.

Of course these methods, if not performed correctly, can damage your iPhone even further, so be very careful!

The fault may be more than it just needing a clean, in which case we can diagnose and the fault for you there and then and give you an instant quote!

Our technicians can diagnose your iPhone and determine the cause of your charging issues, giving you a cost estimate for the repair.