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Are you looking for an iPad screen replacement?

iPads have a very thin touch screen/digitiser glass which can break easily.

However, it’s not always the screen that’s actually broken, sometimes it can be the LCD underneath the screen that breaks or both the top glass digitiser and LCD panel together.

Fixing an iPad screen can at times be a complex procedure. When fitting an iPad screen our technicians need to determine where the fault lies, and so the initial diagnosis will be to assess whether they need to either replace just the front glass touch assembly, the LCD display screen or both.

No matter what you do to protect your device, accidents do occasionally happen. A cracked screen being one of the most common and most often appears as an obvious crack or chip in the glass.

The most Common iPad Issues

Here are some of the most common signs that you may need you iPad screen replaced:

  • Ink spots or bleeding pixels on the iPad screen
  • A blank or black iPad screen
  • Diagonal, jagged, horizontal or vertical lines across the iPad screen
  • A discoloured area within the iPad screen
  • White spots that are visible on the iPad screen
We have 12 years of experience in iPad Screen Replacement

We at Tech Master have an excellent reputation for iPad screen replacement, built on 12 years of delivering outstanding service and value for money.

When you trust us to repair your iPad you can expect to receive a professional repair service from experts who care.

Our qualified technicians are professionally trained and will provide you with the best customer service, advice.

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We offer a Fast iPad Repair Service

We offer a fast and affordable iPad screen replacement.

We are an Apple repair specialists based in Cardiff and serving the whole of South Wales.

Our iPad screen parts are always guaranteed to be A- grade and fully tested.

If you are looking for expert help with repairing or replacing your iPad screen then speak to one of our technicians.

Tech Master Cardiff can help also with any other Apple device you may have that’s in need of repair.

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