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We Fix iPad Charging Related Issues

Are you experiencing charging issues with your iPad?

One of the most common faults we see in relation to iPad repairs is charging problems.

This can be due to either the iPad’s charger itself or the iPad’s battery.

Determining where the fault lies is something we can diagnose for free, at Tech Master Cardiff.

We do understand though that trying to diagnose your iPad’s charging issues yourself, can be a minefield.

So, we at Tech Master provided some tips on how to determine where the iPad’s charging problem is:

  • Firstly, check whether or not the charging adapter is working properly as sometimes, the adapter itself is faulty.
  • Make sure that you are not using a defective adapter, you can also try connecting your charging cable/USB to another adapter, if you have one.
  • Try using a different iPad charger. Just because a charger fits, doesn’t mean it is the correct charger for your iPad. We have seen many customers using the iPhone adapter to charge the iPad.
  • Check if the charging port is clean and clear of any dirt or fluff. Your iPad is bound to pick up dust and lint, and every time you plug in your cable, you pack that lint in tighter.
  • Check the iPad’s charging port has any physical damage to it that is preventing it from charging properly.

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Here is how you can clean your charging port:

Use a can of compressed air to gently remove any dirt. This is a great way to clean the iPad’s charging port.

If the port needs a deeper clean, we can provide this service FREE OF CHARGE, without damaging the delicate parts of the charging port.

If your iPad still has charging issues, here is a run-down of what could be causing the issue:

The battery on your iPad may have drained. In which case we can investigate and determine if it’s the battery or charger that’s at fault.

If it is a damaged port on your iPad, this may need to be fixed. In some cases the entire charging port may need to be replaced.

Sometimes iPad charging issues may be due to a more technical problem that will need more than just replacing. If this is the case, we can diagnose and repair the fault for you.

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