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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Faulty Hard Drive Data Recovery in Cardiff

Have you had the misfortune of accidentally losing some or all of your data from your hard drive?

We know first-hand, just how distressing losing data from your hard drive can be. That is why, we at Tech Master Cardiff, have the most up-to-date, data recovery software available, enabling us to provide a professional data recovery service at our workshop.

Our professional data recovery software lets us retrieve up to 99% of your lost data from your hard drive. Our advanced data recovery tools, give us the best chance of successfully recovering most of, if not all of your hard drives lost data.

So if like many people in Wales, experiencing the extremely frustrating situation of having lost part of or all of your files from your hard drive, we are confident that we can help you.

Hard drive Data Recovery - Tech Master Solutions Cardiff

Losing data from your hard drive is a common occurrence. And it’s not always due to accidentally clicking the wrong button, sometimes data loss can be caused by software or hardware issues or firmware issues.

Whatever circumstances surround your hard drive data loss; our experienced Cardiff technicians are able to retrieve normally all of your lost files in 99 per cent of cases. We use specialist data recovery tools that mean, in most cases we can retrieve up to 100% of your lost files.

On the other hand, if your hard drive’s data loss was in fact due to the accidental deletion of files, we are still confident we will be able to retrieve your lost data. It makes no difference as to the reason for the data loss on your hard drive, but rest assured, 9 times out of 10 we are able to retrieve your data.

So if you’re missing pictures, videos, audio files or any other important documents, then give us a call today!

You can also visit our Cardiff computer repair centre, for a free quote and see how we can help!

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