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Here at Tech Master Cardiff we’re dedicated to providing a quick and efficient service. If you are experiencing technical or electronic problems with your PC or laptop’s motherboard we can resolve it in no time for you.

We Fix Laptop Motherboards
Some problems that you might be experiencing that are caused by a faulty motherboard;

Basic Input/ Output settings (BIOS) lost, whenever you turn your PC on or off
PC often randomly crashes or restarts of its own accord
Beeping sounds heard when your PC is starting up
PC doesn’t turn on when you press the power button
Mouse and Keyboard don’t respond accordingly
No sign of life on your screen when you turn your PC on
You receive error messages when starting up your PC
Of course, the symptoms could be more general such as; your PC not charging properly, a broken USB, power sockets loose, hearing beeps from your PC or laptop, noticing lines across your PC’s screen, a faulty mouse, the keys on your keyboard not working properly. These symptoms and others could be an indication that something is wrong with your motherboard and your PC needs looking at by a professional.

If you wish to speak to one of own team to discuss possibly motherboard issues with your PC or laptop, then call us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Laptop motherboard repair is one of the more popular services we offer.
Our in-house engineers are trained to carry out repairs to components on the motherboard, furthermore, they will always undergo a thorough testing before and after any repair that takes place.

Although repairing the motherboard may not be the fastest procedure, we are quicker than our competitors. We also know that it’s the quality and accuracy of the repair that counts and dedicate our time to making sure it is the best the industry can offer.

Call us today and we will be able to sort out any issues your Laptop or PC has.

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    They fixed my laptop so quickly & were very friendly. Great service - would recommend ? thank you so much !!!

    Lowri Rose

    Extremely good fast service. Can recommend for work on Apple Macs. Did a costly but well priced recovery of a failed HD, and replacement. Now currently running as well as it used to before the HD failure. Staff are friendly, reasonable and willing to explain the options through. Their diagnostic tests are also priced reasonably, so I'd recommend it for anyone with a laptop running slower than it should. Very pleased, and would definitely go back.

    David Hutchings