MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Three months warranty on keyboard repair

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

If your MacBook keyboard has a problem and not working properly or stopped working completely, we can help!

Sometimes, your Apple laptop keyboard will develop a fault where keys will get stuck or broken.

Tech Master Solutions specialise in all Mac repairs including keyboard replacement.

The most common cause of your laptop keyboard not working is liquid damage, whether you spilled your cup of coffee, glass of wine or just water.

If your MacBook is out of warranty, do not panic! We can replace any MacBook keyboard, including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

The best thing to do if you spilled liquid on your keyboard, is to switch the laptop off immediately and get it checked by a professional Apple Mac repair technician.

We at Tech Master, pride ourselves on honesty and giving our customers the best possible repair solution. when liquid damage occurs, there is a high chance that the laptop will be saved. Sometimes the liquid might not reach the logic board, which means less repair cost if we only replace the keyboard.

If you have any issues with your keyboard, contact us or visit our local Cardiff repair centre for a FREE no obligation quote, we also work on the basis of NO FIX, NO FEE!

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