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iPhone Battery Replacement
If you’ve had your iPhone for quite a few years, you might have noticed its battery life doesn’t last quite as long as it used to? This could lead you to consider having your iPhone battery replaced.

Your iPhones battery lifespan is typically defined by how many charge cycles it will last. As the most obvious sign that you need an iPhone battery replacement is noticing it has a drastically reduced battery life.

If your iPhone barely makes it past the 10-hour mark and you’re not using it for anything too intensive, such as streaming or playing online games, then it might be time to consider an iPhone battery replacement.

iPhone batteries usually don’t just cease charging. There are normally tell-tale signs that happen over time, relating to your I phone’s performance.

Here at Tech Master, we stock a large range of replacement batteries, both new and tested to the highest standards, for all makes and models of smart phone. We can also replace all other branded smart phone, as well as iPhone batteries, including; Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, and many more!

Tech Master can diagnose the fault with your iPhone, there and then, and then advise you on whether it’s worth replacing your iPhone’s battery or not.

Expanding or Swollen Batteries
It’s important to note that, a bloated iPhone battery is dangerous. There’s a possibility it can catch fire or explode.

If your iPhone’s battery is looking bloated, you should NOT continue to use your device. We’d highly recommend you getting your iPhone’s battery replaced immediately.

If you’ve noticed your iPhone’s case starting to bulge or distort, the most likely cause is a swollen battery inside. This is the result of damage to the lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells used in most modern smart phones leading to a build-up of flammable gas.

Such damage to your iPhone’s battery may have several causes:-
· Overcharging of the Li-ion cells, as they respond badly to overcharging.
· A reduction in power capacity or general charging issues, as this can often indicate a problem with the lithium-ion battery (or cell) inside many devices. Whether it’s due to damage or simply due to being worn out, the battery will need to be replaced.
· Heat caused by overcharging or from other sources, as this can also cause battery swelling.

Are you’re finding that your iPhone’s battery is overheating quite often, has an extremely low battery life compared to what it used to, or is not charging properly? We can take a look at it and determine the fault, there and then.

If this is the case, you can call, message or drop in to us at Tech Master for a free quote. We replace all makes and models or smart phone batteries, whether the battery is removable or built-in. Our technicians will be able to replace the battery the same day, depending on our stock levels.

When repairing devices, we always ensure that your data and information is kept safe and not wiped to factory settings.

So why not give us a call today, for a free, no obligation quote!

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    They fixed my laptop so quickly & were very friendly. Great service - would recommend ? thank you so much !!!

    Lowri Rose

    Extremely good fast service. Can recommend for work on Apple Macs. Did a costly but well priced recovery of a failed HD, and replacement. Now currently running as well as it used to before the HD failure. Staff are friendly, reasonable and willing to explain the options through. Their diagnostic tests are also priced reasonably, so I'd recommend it for anyone with a laptop running slower than it should. Very pleased, and would definitely go back.

    David Hutchings