Looking to Fix your Mobile Phone Screen?

Need a mobile phone screen replacement?

Maybe your mobile phone’s screen is cracked or broken? Or you’ve noticed your smartphone’s screen going blank or dim from time to time, has a crack through it, has been flickering or has a number of vertical or horizontal lines going through it?

We at Tech Master Solutions are specialists in mobile phone repairs.

Common Reasons for a Screen fault

Some of the most common symptoms of a faulty screen on your mobile phone are:

  • Black splotches or blotches on the mobile phone screen
  • The mobile phone screen going black or blank
  • Horizontal, vertical, diagonal or jagged lines across the mobile phone screen
  • A discoloured area on the mobile phone screen
  • A lighter area or some white spots on the mobile phone screen
  • The mobile phone screen showing bright or dead pixels

We at Tech Master are able to troubleshoot and provide a top quality mobile screen replacement, including iPhone and Samsung.

We only stock High Quality LED Screens

We understand that it can be very frustrating when your mobile phone screen is faulty and we strive to make sure your smartphone is back in working order as quickly as possible.

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