liquid damage repair

Have you accidentally spilled your morning cup of coffee, or evening glass of wine over your MacBook and now it will not turn on?

If the answer yes, do not panic! This might seem like a nightmare right now, but if you act quickly you may be able to save your laptop or device.

Laptop Liquid Damage Repairs are one of our specialties!

Our technicians use several creative techniques that enable us to resolve any issues relating to your MacBook or Windows laptop Liquid damage quickly and effectively.

Laptop water damage has the potential to cause a whole range of issues if left untreated.

If your computer had a spillage of water or any other kind of liquid, our advice to you would be to get it seen as soon as you possibly can.

Your MacBook or Windows laptop liquid damage issues may not be evident straight away, and may only become noticeable over time, which if left, the affects can sometimes be irreversible.

Water damage can affect the device in several ways. The liquid can cause not only corrosion, but also interfere with the electrical components, the charging socket, the LCD screen, and even reach as far as the battery and speakers and microphone.

Faulty Motherboard Liquid damage can be obvious in some cases causing immediate disruption to your laptop’s performance.

In other situations, the damage may be undetectable for a long time. You may notice tiny bubbles under the screen or corrosion and discoloration inside the laptop’s charging port. (Corrosion grows a bit like rust, where it can spread quickly)

However, if the damage is inside the MacBook or any other laptop, it may not even be visible.

So if you do find that liquid has seeped into your laptop, it’s best you get it seen by an experienced technician straight away.

Try and dry your device out as best and as quickly as you can, DO NOT connect it to power or try to turn it on as you do not want to damage your computer further and DO NOT put it in rice, rice is only capable of absorbing moisture.

We at Tech Master Solutions offer a fast and affordable liquid damaged repair service, whether you have Mac or Windows laptop.

In most cases we can restore your device to full working order, we have a high success rate of 89%

The sooner you bring your liquid damaged device to us, the easier it will be for us to fix.

We also provide a free diagnose and up to 3 months warranty. So why not give us a call today for a free no obligation quote.

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