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Are you Looking to Recover your Lost Data?

We utilise the latest and best data recovery software technology.

If you are looking to recover your lost data as you’ve had the misfortune of having your PC crash and fear that all your data may be lost, don’t panic! We may be able to help.

We are experts at critical hard drive recovery and RAID recovery.

We can recover data from a range of media, including Hard Disk Drives, solid state disks SSD, USB drives, mobile phones, hard disk drives, RAID, memory sticks and SD cards, to name but a few.

We Understand your Urgency

We understand just how important your data is and how stressful it can be to lose a large chunk of data you once thought was safe on your PC.

At Tech Master IT services, we have the experience and expertise in recovering a whole range of data, safely and successfully in over 99% of cases, which is why we are a company you can trust!

Whether your device has a mechanical or logistic failure, deleted or corrupted files, we offer one of the best chances of recovery with our state of the art software, data extraction tools, repair lab, equipment and clean rooms.

Our service is fast!

We can normally recover all your lost data within a day, failing that within two! However, we will always keep you updated and informed about our processes throughout.  We will explain all costs involved upfront and if in the unlikely event, we don’t think we can repair it the same day we will give you a realistic timescale as to when. We pride ourselves on our transparency, excellent customer service and fast turnaround times.

We also take data protection very seriously, so rest assured your data is safe and secure with us. We do not keep any personal information for longer than necessary to do the job, on-site or anywhere else. We will not disclose or share any of your recovered data or personal information.

So if you’re at a loss with how to recover your data, give us a call today for a free- no obligation quote.