Local Trusted IT Service Providers in Cardiff, Wales

Computer & Mobile Device Repair Technicians

Do you provide over the phone support?

There are some IT issues which require a bit of knowhow and not always hands on work. Any issues that you feel require over the phone support, we can offer our friendly expertise and we are just a phone call away to talk you through some simple steps to rectify your issue.

Can you support my business IT needs?

At Tech Master, we have the skills and experience to help businesses of all sectors with their IT needs. We offer an extensive range of services for businesses that include technical support all the way to networking. Our website displays a list of all the ways we can support and benefit your business. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs!

How is your service provider?

We tailor our service to suit the needs of our customers in as many ways as we can. We understand the urgency of IT support and repairs. As such, our service is available in a number of forms. Feel free to call and discuss your needs with one of our friendly team!

What kind of It services do you provide?

We are experts in all areas of IT and are able to support you no matter the issue. For home and business alike, our team can support you in areas such as virus removal, repairing your device, data backup, wireless set ups and broadband troubleshooting along with many more. You can visit our services page to see a full overview of our home services or business services.