Keeping your PC running Smoothly

Is your PC running slow? Does it freeze from time to time? Windows were designed to be user-friendly, so when your PC isn’t running fast and at its usual speed, you know that something’s wrong! But improving your PC’s speed and performance doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It’s worth trying a few simple steps to try and enhance your PC’s performance before you decide to take it to the repair center.

So, here are five simple ways you can help speed up your sluggish computer…

Make sure to always install Anti-Virus software and keep it up to date!

If you only do one thing to improve your PC’s performance, make sure it is this! Don’t even think about using the internet or opening your emails without Anti-Virus Software installed, or you risk being left with an extremely slow and sluggish computer!  The second most important thing to remember is to always update your software as soon as you get that reminder, just click Update without delay! Thousands of PC’s are infected with viruses every day and it’s not always cheap to get a professional to rectify the problems that can result from computer viruses. Whereas buying and installing Anti-Virus software straight away can cost a fraction of the price, not to mention saving you stress and headaches!

Keep your operating system (e.g. Windows) up to do date too!

Again as soon as Windows prompts you to update, don’t delay! Windows are constantly improving and updating their systems and by installing the latest versions you are ensuring your PC is compatible with the latest Anti-Virus software.

Make sure your system can actually handle the upgrades you want it to make.

You can check this by checking all system requirements before you go ahead and update your software. Trying to update software that isn’t compatible will just result in the PC repeatedly telling you it isn’t compatible!

Make sure to regularly clean up your Windows registry, with a registry cleaner.

Your Windows registry (which deals with; programs, user profiles, document types, property sheet settings, system hardware, and ports.) needs to be kept clean and organised regularly by using a registry cleaner in order to help keep your PC up to speed.

Clean up your PC on a regular basis!

Giving your PC a quick clean-up is simpler than you’d think. How to do a PC clean up:

Firstly, go to the Start Menu and Search for Disk Clean Up. Select and Open, Disk Clean Up and select all the files you would like to Clean up (Remove) and select OK. Wait for the clean up to finish and you’re done! Then go to the Start Menu and click on Start Up. Delete all the unwanted Short Cuts you have in your System Start Up.

Remember to: Try to keep your hard disk free space above 15% and when installing new programs, try to use a split file within the C:\