Have you noticed that your computer seems slow and sluggish? Does it take too long to launch applications on your PC?… or are you planning to upgrade your systems to cater for new and more powerful applications or new users to your network?

It is worth considering if your systems would benefit from being upgraded? We can help with Computer Upgrading in Cardiff.

At Tech Master Solutions, our qualified technicians are able to upgrade any systems to maximise business productivity on a number of levels.

We understand the importance of ensuring computers run as smoothly as possible in a business environment.

If a computer is not fit for purpose, it can potentially cause more problems than anything else.

We can provide a free and in-depth review of all your businesses systems and pinpoint certain areas that may need attention or an upgrade.

Furthermore, we will keep you fully informed every step of the way so that you fully understand the benefits of our upgrade service.

If after diagnosis, we find that you computer not only needs an upgrade but replacement parts as well, we can provide you with a quote there and then and more often than not, install on the same day as we carry a huge range of parts with us.

Common computer upgrades like improving your RAM, Hard Drive capacity and network bandwidth can drastically improve your systems performance and will relieve the strain on your computer when times are at their busiest.

We offer upgrades in relation to you:

  • RAM ( Upgrading your computer’s RAM will benefit the speed and how much your system can handle at any given time, allowing you to do more faster! )
  • Hard Drive ( Allowing your computer to hold a certain amount of data, the higher the GB means the greater quantity of data that can be stored on the Hard Drive )
  • Network Bandwidth ( Allowing your systems to connect with each other smoothly and allow more users to be connected )