Make Your Computer Faster

gaming computer SSD upgrades Cardiff

Have you noticed that your computer seems slow and sluggish?

Does it take too long to launch applications on your PC?

Are you planning to upgrade your gaming or business laptop?

At Tech Master Solutions, our qualified technicians are able to upgrade any computer to maximise business productivity or enjoy your favourite game.

We understand the importance of ensuring computers run as smoothly as possible in a business environment.

Furthermore, we will keep you fully informed every step of the way so that you fully understand the benefits of our upgrade service.

If after diagnosis, we find that you computer not only needs an upgrade but replacement parts as well, we will advice you on what you need to replace.

We can improve performance by increasing your RAM or hard drive capacity

We offer upgrades such as:

  • Replacing your mechanical hard drive with the new SSD (Solid State Drive) technology will drastically increase the computer speed.
  • RAM (Upgrading your computer’s RAM will boost the speed and how much your system can handle, allowing you to do more)
  • Hard drive bigger size (Allowing your computer to hold a larger amount of data, higher HDD size means you can store more data on your PC)

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