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Where to get your iPhone Device Repaired

How to choose the Right Repair Company for your iPhone Device

When it comes to repairing iPhones, people are relying more on more on independent repair companies to resolve their issues. Although Apple do repair or replace a damaged iPhone, it is far more common for the general public to seek cheaper and faster alternatives, and in a lot of cases, will try their hand at repairing common issues themselves. In the last 5 years, there has been a steadily increasing in the amount of iPhone repair services for the public for this very reason.

The internet is now full of local iPhone repair services which are easy to find, cheap and readily available all over the UK, you can get your iPhone repaired as easily as picking up a newspaper at your local newsagents and save money by doing so. However, You may notice that this is not the case for Samsung, Sony Ericson, HTC and other popular smartphone brands.

Why only iPhone?

Brands other than Apple require far more experienced technicians to tackle their issues. The tools, know-how and procedures involved for these repairs are far more complicated than that of an iPhone repair.

There is an abundance of media all over the Internet in the form of YouTube video’s and blog posts detailing exactly how to resolve common iPhone issues that are designed to make it easier for the public to accurately repair their iPhones. In terms of design and functionality, iPhone’s and Apple, products in general, are designed extremely well and rarely develop faults that are a result of a manufacturers defect. Damaging issues are a result of user misuse 99% of the time.

Things like water damage, impact damage, third party software and unsuccessful repair attempts can render an iPhones unusable. Luckily, if these repairs are done right and handled with care, it is likely that these problems can be resolved.

What can or cannot be repaired?

–  iPhone Screen Replacement: A very common repair. 99% of iPhone repairs will be screen related. We use these devices every day and as such, they will sometimes be dropped and damaged.

–  iPhone Motherboard Repair: When it comes to this issue, the motherboard can be a bit tricky. Water damage, impact damage, short circuits caused by non-original or broken cables or even non-certified power adapters can often cause serious problems for your device.  95% of technicians will not repair this issue. For the 5% who do offer a repair, it is worth considering that the motherboard will never function as well as before the repair.

–  iPhone Charging Socket Replacement: An easy repair. Available to find replacements and easy to install when done with care.

–  iPhone Battery Replacement: It is very important to use certified batteries for replacement as a defective battery can potentially explode which would cause irreversible issues for your device.

What you should consider before repair:

Backing up your data:

In the modern world, important data is readily available on personal devices and as such, must be kept safe at all times. Backing up this data prior to repair is essential. Mistakes can sometimes be made, and if it results in a short circuit it can lead to all the phones data being irretrievable

Do you know you are dealing with a professional?

There are a number of things to keep in mind before agreeing to leave your device with a technician. It is important to be sure that the technician is experienced and knows exactly what he/she is doing.

–  Service: Be aware of the words they use when talking with you about the service. A professional Company will be sure to give you a detailed explanation of the repair. For example: What they need to do, how the issue is affecting the phone, a time frame for the repair, what affects the repair will have on the device in the future (positive and negative).

–  Payment: Only agree to pay for the repair once it has taken place and the device has been fully tested. Some unprofessional technicians will not diagnose the device prior to repair and therefore you will not be getting a clear understanding of price until afterward. For example; impact damage for an iPhone can cause problems with things like the microphone, home button etc. these should be identified before agreeing to the repair.

–  Pricing: The price can vary depending on the quality of the part that is being fitted and also on the warranty type that is available to you. It is worth considering that a higher price will generally come with a longer warranty (which should be documented as proof)

–  Repair form (terms & conditions): Filling out a repair form will cover you and the company. It acts as proof that the condition of the device is how you have left it before giving it to the technician.

–  Diagnoses: A full diagnoses is necessary before you agree to leave your device. It ensures that no other faults are present on the device before going ahead with the stated repair. If other faults are found after diagnoses, it means that a price agreement should be met before the repair takes place which rules out any unwanted repairs being done.

–  Warranty: The Company should always confirm a warranty agreement. Without a warranty, you will not be covered for any defects on the phone after repair or if the technician has made any mistakes during the repair that will affect the phone later on.  (Please note that warranties do not cover user damage e.g. dropping the device, water damage. Please be aware that a warranty should ALWAYS be documented)

Where can I get my iPhone Repaired?

There are two options available to you when choosing your repair service.

Firstly, if you choose an authorised service provider, it is important to remember that it will be much more expensive because only original parts will be used.

Secondly, when choosing expert repair services you will notice competitive prices, which depend on quality of parts, the store’s services and warranty.

Please note: Apple does not authorise repair services, even if they are using an authorised technician; he/she will not be authorised to repair your Apple device.

Online Searches: When searching for a repair service for your iPhone online, do a little research so you can be sure you are making the right choice.  Call around and find out what companies seem reliable and trustworthy based on the information we have given you. Ask about their warranty, their time frame, repair process and quality of the parts used.

–  Reviews: Although good reviews are often a legitimate signal that companies are delivering a good service, also bare in mind that reviews are not always 100% authentic. Many companies ask their friends and family to leave positive reviews just to boost their ratings.

–  The Tech Guy Next Door: Word of mouth can sometimes be the easiest way of deciding where to go. Recommendation from a friend’s personal experience is in most cases a wise move. However, it is worth considering that taking advice from non-tech savvy or people that may not have knowledge of the industry can hinder your decision. There are important factors to consider when choosing a repair company that could affect your device in ways that didn’t affect the person giving their recommendation.

–  Directories: This is a very popular way of searching for local repair companies. However, it is important to consider that it is common for businesses to pay directories to be listed higher than others, sometimes giving you the impression that they are a bigger company.

–  Freelance Technicians: With an increasing amount of media available online designed to guide you through iPhone repairs, it is no wonder that there are a lot of people turning there new found skills into a money making opportunity. Be aware that getting your iPhone repaired by a friend or a freelancer may be a cheaper and faster option for you, but it will rarely be warrantied and may be risky.


These guidelines have been developed through years of experience in this field from both sides of the counter.  We are confident that after following these guidelines you will make an educated decision about your iPhone repairs.

Many thanks

The Tech Master Team

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