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iMac Repair

We provide FREE diagnostics to give you an accurate estimate. We repair and service almost all iMacs.

iPhone Repair

We repair iPhones, from smashed LCD screens, software and hardware faults to configuring your emails.

iPad Repair

We repair any issues you may have with your iPad varying from smashed LCD screens to charging.

MacBook Repair

From broken screen to data recovery. SSD upgrades also available to speed up your MacBook.

Fast Computer Repair Service

We pride ourselves in providing fast turnaround time, diagnostics and repairs.
Visit our computer shop in Cardiff.

Screen Repair

We repair cracked glass, non responsive touch screens, screen discolouration.

Battery Replacement

You may need a battery replacement for a number of reasons, one of them is when your device runs out of power quicker than usual.

Speaker/Mic Repair

No one can hear you on the phone? Is the sound muffled or music not playing properly?

Camera Repair

Is your smartphone camera not working, foggy or cracked? We can replace it for you.

Charging Port Repair

Having problems charging your device? It could be a faulty charger or a charging port.

Liquid Damage Repair

Unfortunately there are still phones out there that are not waterproof, we will do our best to revive a liquid damaged phones.

Who We Are

Tech Master is an Apple Mac Repair Specialists in Cardiff, Wales. We have been providing high quality computer and smartphone repairs for the past 12 years. We also offer Data Recovery services.

Our repair technicians have a wealth of experience repairing mobile devices, diagnosing faults and upgrading the software. We pride ourselves on efficient and professional repairs.

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Computer Repairs

We repair almost any computer or laptop

Tech Master is located at Whitchurch Road, close to Companies House

Looking for a fast and reliable computer repair service?

Tech Master has 12 Years of experience in Computer & Smartphone Repairs